Monday, November 23, 2015

Ineffective Terrorism; 23/11/15

November 23rd, 2015

Public Service Pricks

Been a long time writing. After my heart attack mid-2011, I decided to be more active, to stop my physical decline and combat the stress of my condition (since I could not obtain mild sedatives legally to reduce my acute anxiety state). A few falls later, I slowed down again, but still managed to fall getting up from the toilet and knock myself unconscious for about 30 minutes and open up my scalp. Losing about a litre of blood before I managed to call for help and crawl to the door to let in the medics.

I spent a few days in hospital, in an isolated room because my MRSA infection had still not been officially cleared up (actually, smart, because I have four topical MRSA outbreaks since my original 2007 escape). So I stopped risking my life further by having unnecessary exercise, and increased my smoking instead (which actually increased my stress because of the huge cost of the tobacco tax). My physical condition declined, and in an effort to have HealthNSW offer me remediation, my doctor asked the RMS to not renew my driver's licence unless my case was reviewed by a specialist.

To date, my licence has been cancelled for two months, and I have spent thousands extra surviving and getting a specialist driving instructor report that I have no medical condition that would affect my driving. Still, my licence has not been returned, so tomorrow I appear in court trying to get it returned before I decide to open my throat outside Parliament House in protest.