Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Godless Themselves (that's meeeeeeee!)

Neville Angove

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Peter Garrett has received a lot of media flack about problems with the home insulation and solar power schemes. His problem is that he doesn't know he is supposed to fall on his sword, even though the problems are the result of avoiding responsibility by his civil servants.

When the schemes were first touted, his Department received loads of complaints and concerns. He claimed that these had been addressed by his Department when the schemes were implemented. History has shown that he was mislead by his civil servants.

We have seen poor workmanship, poor product quality, price gouging, and buck passing (the bucks mainly passed from the public to industry sections that used to be honest). The media has been highlighting four deaths that occurred during the installation of ceiling insulation, and a large number of house fires causes by improper installation.

If a house fire is caused by faulty installation of electrical wiring (as most are), should the government be condemned? If house fires are caused by faulty ceiling insulation, where the Australian Standards are clearly documented, should the government be condemned? The media reticent to comment.

My comment is drawn by an ABC news item tonight that gave more details of the four deaths previously mentioned. Three deaths were caused by electrocution in Queensland during mistakes in the installation of foil insulation. This is simply evolution in action. The other death occurred in NSW, where a young man was forced in enter a roof cavity to install insulation batts during one of the hottest November days in history. He died of heat stroke. I consider this to be actionable against the employer; a young worker would not know of the hazards of working in such an environment in extreme conditions, nor know he was legally entitled to refuse without fear of retribution. Interestingly, the media has not called for charges to be laid against the employer. The media is too busy attacking the politicians.

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